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Shari-Shari is “share” plus “sari-sari” store

Accessible and simple

Sari-sari local village stores are integral to Filipino life. They are the go-to for convenience and affordability, whether to satisfy cravings for favorite snacks or provide basic, daily, and emergency needs.


Inclusive and affordable

The sari-sari stores allow Filipinos access to products they can buy in small units, or in Filipino “tingi”.


Helping Filipinos achieve financial freedom

In rural and remote areas, they act as primary stores and trading centers where people usually congregate. The collective of sari-sari stores around the country account for a large share of sales of fast-moving consumer goods so they hold a valuable part in the Philippine economy.

“We’ve seen the problem and experienced the solution first-hand. 
We have the technical capabilities to share the experience with our fellow Filipinos.


Our story is like any Juan's story. Our parents raised us with the single-track path - study hard, complete a degree, get a job, marry, buy a house, and raise a family. 

None of our parents and grandparents invested in the shares market but relied only on traditional income sources – wages, and profits from small businesses. This upbringing left us with gaps in financial literacy. 

In addition to economic barriers, we encountered psychological barriers to investing and started getting into the PSE market quite late, in our late 30s and early 40s. 

We want to change this mindset. We want to break these barriers and help Filipinos, especially the younger generation, including our children, to get financially literate and get investing early.

​In the middle of the global pandemic, in 2020, we compared how easy it was to get into the shares market in other countries than it was in the Philippines. We tried different platforms that allowed us to buy into the New Zealand, Australia, and US Share Markets almost as easy as ordering food online. Fees in these platforms are relatively affordable, shares can be bought in fractions, and apps are user-friendly. We thought it would be great if Filipinos had access to similar investing opportunities. 

​Shari-Shari was started by founders who have a unique combination of IT, finance, and business experience who know the problem by heart, experienced the solution and can build the model that is tailor-fit for their fellow Filipinos.

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