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Refer a friend

Shari-shari's Referral Program is now live!

Sabi nga nila, mas masaya kung salo-salo.

Refer a friend and earn rewards.

The Shari-Shari Referral Program is now here so Shari-Shari customers (referrer) can invite their friends and family (referred) to sign-up with Shari-Shari, and when eligible and meeting terms and conditions, can earn rewards.

Here are things you need to know about the Referral Program

1. Refer as soon as you sign-up

As a registered Shari-Shari customer, you are eligible to refer others by sharing the unique referral link we provide via the platform. When you share the unique referral link, you take the responsibility of not abusing the referral system by avoiding any activities that may be considered spamming or fraudulent by any third-party platforms where you share it.

2. Earn rewards for eligible referrals

Successful referral rewards will be deposited into the referrer's Shari-Shari account.

Rewards are processed at the end of the month.

A successful referral can only be rewarded if all the following conditions are met:

(i) The referred person does not have an existing Shari-Shari account and has used your unique link to sign-up.

(ii) The referred person's brokerage account is active.

(iii) The referrer has an active brokerage account.

*Shari-Shari directors, employees, their direct family members, and marketing and commercial partners of Shari-Shari are not eligible to earn referral rewards.

3. Referring a friend is easy as!

Step 1: Log in to your Account or Sign-up with Libre

Yes, click on the buttons at the top right corner of this site.

Step 2: Click on Refer-A-Friend

Step 3. Copy and share your invite link

Your invite link should have this format

Step 4. Track your Referrals from the Refer a Friend Page

Log in to Shari-Shari to read the Full terms and conditions of the Referral Program


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