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What our customers say about us

It's about time! I have always wanted to invest in the US Stock market, and with Shari-Shari, I can do it now! I can purchase fractional shares (less than 1 share) of most companies if I decide to do so.
I especially like the brief write-up about the listed company as well as easy-to-understand charts so I can track historical share price movement over various pre-set time periods.

-  Renato, Businessman, Batangas

- Ruth, Accountant, Mandaluyong

My husband has been investing in Philippine stocks for a few years now but I found the platform that he is using quite confusing. In comparison, I like Shari-Shari's simple design as the stocks I can buy are arranged similar to my favorite online shopping site. I am also more familiar with the listings as it includes the global companies I worked for in the past. It was easy for a beginner investor like me and now I can help diversify our family investments by adding US stocks to our existing PSE portfolio.

Dati sa mga PSE listed companies lang ako nakaka invest. Ngayon, may shares na ako ng mga US brands and companies na kilala sa buong mundo.

-  Fiona, Employee, Davao

Shari-Shari has brought a certain level of excitement to stock market learners like myself and it has not failed me at all. With a wide range of US stocks and ETFs, it provides greater visibility which allows me to gain greater insight and build my own portfolio. I am impressed and proud that this is a Filipino-pioneered US stock market application in the Philippines. Filipino ingenuity at its finest!  Marlon, Overseas Contract Worker, Singapore

-  Marlon, Overseas Contract Worker, Singapore

Because of the industry that I am in, it is inevitable for me to notice products and services that are trendy in the Philippines and globally. This also includes topics relating to money and finance. Over the years, I got curious and have tried many investments – deposits, insurances, PSE, as well as cryptocurrency. Shari-Shari is another avenue for me to diversify and I am stoked that they have given us Filipinos access to invest in the biggest brands in the world. 

-  Billy, Marketing and Creative Professional, Taguig

Testimonials above are actual experiences of Shari-Shari customers edited for brevity and clarity. This is not an offer, solicitation of an offer, or advice to buy or sell securities, or open a brokerage account. All investing involves risk and each investor journey is unique to their own financial situation, needs and goals.

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