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Subscription tiers to match your investing experience and needs


Breaking barriers to investing


  • No portfolio limit
  • Full or fraction of shares*
  • Commission-free trading**
  • Market or Limit buy / sell
  • Create/manage watchlist
  • Market hours indicator
  • US market dashboard
  • Reports
    • Account statements​
    • Trade confirmations
    • Transaction history
  • Scheduled/recurring orders
  • Basic stock chart
  • Customer support



Financials, research, and investing insights at your fingertips

US $7.99

US $5.99

per month


(coffee equivalent)

   ➕ LIBRE Plan
  • Latest news
  • Dividend history
  • Candlestick and OHLC charts
  • Intraday chart
  • Largest trades
  • Historical Prices
  • Full financials
    • Balance Sheet
    • Income Statement
    • Cash Flow
  • Stock Research
    • Advance Stats​

*Fractional share trading allows a customer to buy and sell fractional share quantities and dollar amounts of certain securities. Fractional share trading presents unique risks and is subject to particular limitations that you should be aware of before engaging in such activity. **Commission-Free trading means that there are no commission charges for self-directed individual brokerage accounts that trade U.S. listed securities through Shari-Shari's US partner broker's API. Relevant regulatory fees may apply. Our US partner broker reserves the right to charge additional fees if it is determined that orders flow is non-retail in nature.

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